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Strong R&D and production capacity

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Customer: AA

Country(Area): South of Africa

Company Background: A trading company, with ten years’ import experience from China, and know well of dealing with Chinese seller. Every year, 20 containers are shipped from Ningbo, Tianjin and other places.

First Contact: May 2017

First Order: June 2017


Project Description:

1. R&D Ability

Apart from being interested in our regular products, customer AA was also looking for a product “BB”. According to our analysis on pictures and measurement data, this product was similar to C Ring, but after all it was a new product. For us, there was a certain degree of difficulty in research and development and production.

After communication with customer AA, we learned that this was an item used in a new project for one of his new customers. Although the required quantity was small, it was very important for the project, so we decided to develop and produce the product “BB” for customer AA . After received the samples from the customer, we accurately measured the specifications, tested the materials with professional machines, calculated the prices, made samples, tested samples, sent to customer for confirmation of the samples again and again.

Finally, customer AA was very satisfied with our sample, quickly placed an order and was very grateful for our efforts and support for him.



2. After-sale crisis management and accountability

After loading at the end of August 2017, the container was accidentally hit by a typhoon. The container was soaked in seawater at the dock of China. Because hardware and iron products are very easy to go rust when they met water, then cannot be sold or used.

The solution proposed by the dock: Pull the container back to factory for goods inspection and postpone the shipment for two weeks; the large amount of inspection expenses is entirely borne by the Chinese shippers.

After we got the notice from the dock, we immediately talked to the customer AA, confirmed whether or not to accept the delayed delivery and the goods inspection. At the same time, taking into account the vital interests of customer, we analyzed the pros and cons and explained to him:

1. If the shipment is delayed, the shipment date will be mid-September, and then the sea freight will be increased by US$500;

2. The prediction of cargo loss should be only two lowest layers of the pallet, the quantity is not too much and the value of the goods is not too high;

3. Comparison of the overall loss of interest, such as whether the delayed delivery will make the customer to miss the best timing of sales, whether it will delay the progress of the project of his end customer, and thus affect the customer AA's corporate reputation, or to assume additional compensation costs.


After confirmation by both parties, the final solution is: The container will ship on schedule, and when it arrives, the customer will do the goods inspection and count the number of damaged goods, then we will make a compensate in full for free.



As the delivery of goods was completed earlier than expected, the customer AA was very satisfied with our products and services. So we started our second deal at the end of October 2017, and then the third deal in April 2018.


Project Summary:

1. RYSON has strong R&D and production capabilities to meet customers’ requirements;

2. RYSON complies with the principle of "Quality First, Customers Supreme", when encounters problems, we consider for customers, actively conduct communication between both parties, and look for the best solutions.

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