How to maintain the straight nail gun


Safe use of nail gun
In order to use the nail gun safely and prevent safety accidents, the following matters should be noted.
1. The operator shall be trained to understand and master the performance, use methods and precautions of the nail gun, and be familiar with the disassembly and assembly process;
2. The barrel shall be kept clean and free of impurities, and all parts shall be free of looseness. In case of wear, burning or damage, the barrel shall be replaced immediately before use;
3. During operation, it is allowed to put nails and bullets into the gun, and it is strictly prohibited to point the gun with nails and bullets at people;
4. The firing base must be stable and solid, and have the rigidity to resist the firing impact. When shooting nails on thin walls and light walls, people shall not stand on the opposite side to prevent injury after shooting through the walls;
5. If the gun is found to be inflexible in operation, the nails and bullets must be taken out in time to remove the fault, and the insurance must not be easily removed;
6. After the nail gun is used up every day, the gun must be soaked with kerosene, and then wiped and oiled for storage to prevent corrosion. After more than 100 shots, it should be cleaned;
7. Nail guns shall not be used as toys to prevent injuries.