Buy Gabion Mesh Clips on sales introduce Gabion Mesh Types


Based on the different galvanizing process methods in the production of gabion mesh: galvanized gabion mesh has cold galvanized gabion mesh and hot-dip galvanized gabion mesh. Buy Gabion Mesh Clips on sales tells you that cold-dip galvanized gabion mesh is also called electro-galvanized gabion mesh, which is generally processed by electrolytic equipment.

Buy Gabion Mesh Clips on saleBuy Gabion Mesh Clips on sales tells you that in the electroplating tank, through the unidirectional current, zinc is gradually plated on the metal surface, so that the steel wire absorbs zinc, so that a galvanized protective layer is formed on the surface of the steel wire. Generally, electro-galvanized treatment has the highest amount of zinc The thickness is 10g/m2, the coating is uniform, and the thickness is relatively thin, usually only 3-15 microns. It has a bright, smooth appearance and high aesthetics, but its corrosion resistance is slightly worse.
Buy Gabion Mesh Clips on sales tells you that hot-dip galvanized is also called hot-dip galvanized gabion mesh. Using a chemical process, all kinds of high-quality medium-carbon steel or high-quality high-carbon steel are pickled, phosphating, wire-drawn, and then galvanized (hot-dip or cold-dip), and the cycle process is repeated. Make the surface of the steel wire form a firm galvanized protective layer. The hot-dip galvanized coating is thicker, generally 30-60 microns, and the coating has a higher anti-corrosion ability. Based on the needs of cost and service life, we can choose different galvanized low-carbon steel wires as raw materials, and choose to use different galvanized gabion meshes.